Circulus Demo

This is an introductory video designed to give you a high level overview of Circulus. (3:08)

The Bill Lifecycle

This video is designed to show you the lifecycle of a bill in Circulus. (2:20) It demonstrates:

  • How bill images get into the application
  • The basics of entering a bill
  • Approving and paying bills

Roles, Permissions & Users

This video discusses the concepts of users, roles, and permissions and how they all work together. (2:05) It covers:

  • Workflow
  • Roles and the functions they support
  • Permissions and how they affect usage
  • Setting all these up in Circulus

Managing Vendors

This video will show you how to get vendors set up in Circulus. (2:33) It covers:

  • What to expect when syncing from QuickBooks
  • How to find, add and edit vendors
  • The process to get vendors set up for ACH payments