Sync Conflicts with QuickBooks Versions

When you connect to QuickBooks (or reconnect) and do your initial sync, we notify you which program features are, and are not, compatible with the version of QuickBooks you are using.

QB Plan Features.png

This is based on the following table:

QuickBooks Features Available in QuickBooks Version:
SimpleStart Essentials Plus
Manage and pay bills from vendors No Yes Yes
Enter bills and schedule payments for later No Yes Yes
Track billable hours by customer No No Yes
Categorize income and expenses using class tracking No No Yes
Track sales and profits for each location No No Yes

We will notify you that something you are trying to do will create a conflict, based on the version of QuickBooks Online you are using:

QuickBooks Version  Program Warnings
QuickBooks Online Plus  No warnings – supports all bill creation features
QuickBooks Online Essentials  Warnings exist: Using Location, Billable, Customer or Class
QuickBooks Online Simple Start  Warnings exist: Cannot create bills

If you understand the limitation and would like to continue to use Circulus and your current version of QuickBooks without these notifications, you can disable these types of warnings in your Sync Settings: