The Bank Verification Process

Test Transactions

When you or your Vendor(s) add a bank account, Circulus attempts to send test transactions. For your bank, this consists of two small debits and one small credit charged to the account, and they usually occur within one business day. The two debit transactions will be credited back as one single transaction amount. For vendor bank accounts, this is limited to one debit and one credit.

Failed Test Transactions

Depending on the nature of your account, your financial institution, and the type of transactions they authorize, these transaction may not go through. When the institution cannot accept the transactions, this results in a return code, R29 – Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized. In Circulus, we list it as “R29 – Bank Acct does not accept test transactions” to make it simple to understand. By definition, this means that there is a block on the account, or in many cases, there was an attempt to debit a business bank account that is not enabled for ACH transactions. For a list of potential return codes and descriptions, click here.

Resolving Failed Test Transactions

There is no action that Circulus can take to rectify these types of returns, and we cannot re-submit the transactions as they will continue to be blocked. You must contact your financial institution and consult with them. More than likely, it’s a simple call to lift the block, but your bank may require additional documentation. You will need to let them know to make this change permanent so this situation doesn’t re-occur.