Data Entry Services

Our full-service data entry team is here to help. With our double-blind process, we can ensure an accuracy rate that no OCR process can.

What it includes:

– Vendor
– Bill number
– Bill date
– Due date
– Bill amount ($)
– Payment terms
– Line item descriptions (if available)
– Line item totals $ (if available)

What it costs:

Data entry fees are $0.99/bill, up to a maximum of 5 line items for each bill (if itemization is desired). Bills containing more than 5 line items will be billed $.99 per 5 line items (rounded up to the nearest 5). Files uploaded including multiple bills will be billed per unique bill included in the file.

Note: Additional bill data such as Account, Product/Service, Customer, Class, and Taxable/Billable identifiers will not be included unless a prior bill from this vendor is found in your account with the same line item details for reference.

How it works:

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Enable Data Entry Services and adjust your settings to your preferences:

2. Upload your bill images, or send them to your bill inbox.

3. We will enter your bill details by 9:30 AM CST the next business day. In the event of an exception, our support team may reach out to you with clarifying questions.

See also: Data Entry FAQs